Flavour Blast-Tempeh Combo | Pack of 5

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5 times the excitement, 5 times the flavour. Try our range of Marinated Tempayy. From Asian to Portugese, we got you covered. What are you in the mood for ?

Soybeans, water, onion, tomato, iodised salt, ginger, garlic, sunflower oil, rice flour, Rhizopus (culture), iron, vitamin B12, hydrolysed soya protein, spices and condiments.

Allergen: Soy

Tempayy (Tempeh) has to be kept refrigerated at all times. Hello Tempayy has a shelf life of 60 days when stored in the fridge. If stored frozen, please ensure the Tempayy is thawed completely before seasoning and cooking.

1. How is Tempayy (Tempeh) made?

Tempayy (often spelt Tempeh) is made using high-quality non-GMO soybeans, which are cooked and then fermented with utmost care using a 100% natural culture. Post fermentation, the soybeans form a seamless white block (kinda like a cake) which is cut into cubes and packed to ensure maximum freshness.

2. How to cook Tempayy (Tempeh)?

Cooking Tempayy is easy-breezy. It can be used as cubes or minced. Just season/ marinate it liberally, sautee in a bit of oil for 5-7 mins and you are good to go. Toss it in a sauce, mince it in a masala, bread it and fry or add to any recipe of your choice. The perfect canvas to showcase your cooking skills.