Made by fermenting the best quality soybeans comes a delicious, new gut-friendly food - Hello Tempayy. It makes a perfect snack, a filling meal or a healthy stress binge. Packed with protein, high in fibre and rich in taste. It’s easy to cook, and takes any flavour you wish to throw at it.


Tempayy (tempeh) is packed with Proteins
Tempayy (tempeh) is low on carbs & high on Fibre
Tempayy (tempeh) is rich in vitamin B12
Tempayy (tempeh) is rich in iron
Tempayy (tempeh) protein is gut friendly
Tempayy (tempeh) is dairy & gluten free


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How are Hello Tempayy products made?

Tempayy (often spelt Tempeh) is made using high-quality non-GMO soybeans, which are cooked and then fermented with utmost care using a 100% natural culture. Post fermentation, the soybeans form a seamless white block (kinda like a cake) which is cut into cubes and packed to ensure maximum freshness.

Is Tempayy healthy?

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What makes Tempayy Gut-Friendly ?

Can I eat Tempayy everyday?

What can I make with Tempayy?

What are some cooking basics for Tempayy?

What does Tempayy taste like ?

Is Tempayy vegan?

How do I store and keep Tempayy?

How long does Tempayy last ?

Why is Hello Tempayy enriched with Vitamin B12?

Does Tempayy support weight management?

Is Tempayy good for diabetics?


Hello Tempayy brings Tempeh- a versatile, plant-based protein food to the modern Indian kitchen. There is a monotony/lack of variety in the Indian Vegetarian diet when it comes to quality ... protein options and Hello Tempayy is here to break the monotony through Tempeh. Tempeh is a completely natural, clean source of protein that is easy to cook, really versatile, and packed with nutrition.

Tempeh is a centuries-old food that originated in Indonesia over 800 years ago and is currently gaining popularity around the world owing to its excellent culinary and nutritive properties. It is made by carefully fermenting whole Non-GMO soybeans for 36 hours. First, the beans are soaked, dehulled, boiled, and then mixed with the starter culture and fermented under controlled conditions. The fermentation process binds the beans together and results in the formation of a nice firm block/ cake called Tempeh which looks similar to a block of Tofu or Paneer. It has only 3 source ingredients- Soybeans, Water, and a starter culture ( Rhizopus) and is one of the least processed and healthiest vegetarian sources of Protein. At Hello Tempayy, we use the highest quality soybeans and a proprietary fermentation process to ensure you get the freshest Tempeh of the highest quality with every order.

Tempeh has a firm texture and a mild nutty flavor. It is known as a culinary blank slate and owing to its porous nature, can absorb flavors beautifully and give body to any flavor, seasoning, or marination. It can also be diced, minced, mashed, or used in a variety of forms making it incredibly versatile and suitable to use across cuisines or cooking styles. Tempeh, unlike Paneer or Tofu, can soak in flavors and can be used in a variety of dishes. It is very easy to cook and can be used to make curries, starters, bowls, tacos, rolls, salads, kebabs, and much more. It is nothing short of an ingredient superstar. Hello Tempayy also offers a range of pre-marinated Tempeh for comfort and convenience. It is currently available in 4 flavors- Peppery Szechuan Chilli Tempeh, Spiced Tawa Masala Tempeh, Spicy Peri Peri Tempeh, and Simply Sriracha Tempeh. Freshly fermented Tempeh is cut into bite-sized cubes and marinated before being packed and shipped to your doorstep.

Tempeh is a nutrition powerhouse as well. It is packed with gut-friendly protein ( 19g per 100g) and is rich in fiber. It is really low in carbs and fat and is great for gut health since it is fermented. It is also dairy-free, gluten-free, and a completely natural, preservative-free source of protein. Hello Tempayy is also fortified with Vitamin B-12 and Iron as they are nutrients of concern in India. Tempeh’s nutritional profile is unparalleled and that is why we like to call it the world’s best protein secret.

Hello Tempayy currently offers 5 varieties of Tempeh in India - Natural, Tawa Masala, Peri Peri, Szechuan Chilli, and Sriracha priced at Rs.130 for the Natural and Rs.150 for the marinated Tempeh. The Tempeh is made in a custom-built facility in Bengaluru and the products are available online and offline in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad.