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      Home / The Hello Tempayy Blog / Plant-based foods to consume for your daily dose of protein
      Plant-based foods to consume for your daily dose of protein

      Plant-based foods to consume for your daily dose of protein

      Plant-based foods to consume for your daily dose of protein

      It is all in the past! Animal-based protein is no longer considered superior to plant-based protein alternatives. Over the years, owing to health reasons, moral reasons or in an attempt to shift to a more sustainable choice dietary option, vegetarian protein sources have witnessed a rise in demand and consumption inclination towards them.

      However, with thousands of articles and ads telling you different things, it may become a little tiring to decide what are the best plant based protein food that suits your diet. And so, we looked over the Internet and brought you a brief list of high protein vegetarian foods in India that can take care of your daily protein intake.

      Why Choose Plant Protein Sources?


      However, right before that let us take a look at some of the benefits of choosing high protein plant based foods over animal-based foods as your protein source:

      They keep you fuller for longer

      Consuming a plant protein diet just became more exciting. As healthier and more sustainable plant based foods are, they also help you stay satiated for longer periods. And this isn’t something we are picking off the rumour mill! 

      A study highlighted that when the participants consumed protein-rich food consisting of legumes, they consumed 12 percent fewer calories in their next meal (1). Moreover, the dietary fibre found in these foods naturally helps you feel fuller after consumption.

      Improves gut health

      Consuming plant proteins can have beneficial effects on your gut health, keeping your digestive system healthy. Research shows that individuals that eat plant based protein food, have a unique gut profile that consists of fewer disease-causing bacteria, in turn, lowering inflammation levels (2).

      That being said, a study indicates that consuming soy-based food, Tempeh, contributes to an abundance of prebiotics - a type of fibre that enhances the growth of bacteria contributing to your digestion (3). 

      Aids with weight loss

      It turns out that eating high protein plant-based foods can help you achieve the lean body you desire. According to a 2014 study, a meat-based protein diet and a soy-based protein diet served the same purpose for weight loss with no discernible difference. (4).

      Moreover, consuming plant based protein foods help you stay fuller for longer periods (1). Which means fewer snack cravings and more resistance to feeling hungry. 

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      Let us explore what plant protein sources can help us reap these health benefits. 

      High Protein Plant Based Foods



      Edible seeds from the legume family, lentils are rich sources of protein and they come in a variety of colours. Lentils consist of essential nutrients such as protein, dietary fibre, and iron. 

      A 100g of lentils can provide you with 8-9g of protein, 8g of dietary fibre, and up to 19 percent of your daily recommended iron intake (5). As lentils are loaded with prebiotic fibre, they are easy to digest and also contribute to improving your gut health (6).

      You can add lentils to your plant protein diet by either cooking them, adding them to a salad or making a soup out of them.


      Delicious and nutritious is a rare combination and nuts are one of the best sources of plant protein that check both the boxes. A versatile and rich plant based protein source, nuts are often consumed as snacks.

      You can receive your daily dose of protein by consuming nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and pistachios. They each contain 7g, 4.5g, and 6g of protein respectively in a ¼-cup (7,8,9).


      Speaking of versatile plant based foods rich in protein, did we tell you about Tempeh? An Indonesian food, Tempeh is prepared by fermenting soybeans overnight with rhizopus culture. 

      One the richest and best sources of plant protein, the health benefits of Tempeh along with its nutritious nature have made it a favourite among vegans and vegetarians alike. A 100g serving of Tempeh contains about a whopping 19g of protein and about 8.5g of dietary fiber, making it one of the best protein-rich and fibre-rich foods available. 

      If you are looking for tasty and healthy food to add to your diabetes diet plan, Tempeh can make a positive impact there as well. A study by researchers from Taiwan’s National Pingtung University of Science and Technology was able to highlight how consuming tempeh had been beneficial for individuals suffering from Type 2 diabetes .Click here for more details.(10)

      There’s a reason why Tempeh is considered protein-rich superfood among vegans and vegetarians!


      A highly nutritious grain, quinoa is a superfood rich in protein. What makes quinoa special is that it is a complete protein. Our body needs 20 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Out of which, we need the nine essential amino acids from the foods we consume.

      Quinoa is one of the plant based protein foods that has all nine amino acids, which makes it a complete protein (11). Although it is consumed as a cereal, it has been categorized as a pseudocereal, which means it does not grow as grass like wheat and rice.

      A 100g serving of quinoa contains up to 4.4g of protein (12). You can consume quinoa by cooking it, spreading it over salad, or adding it to soups and stews.

      Looking for a reliable protein superfood? Try Tempeh

      Read tempeh and your health, everything you need to know.

      With so many plant based protein rich foods, it may get a little overwhelming to choose the right one that suits all your dietary needs and also is a delicious addition to your current diet. And so, while it is necessary to vary your protein sources, we recommend you add Tempeh to your diet without a second thought. Why?

      The Tempeh we serve at Hello Tempayy is

      - a great source of protein

      - rich in dietary fibre

      - fortified with iron

      - fortified with vitamin B12

      - good for your gut health

      So, whether you are looking to add a how to increase protein intake in vegetarian diet or just looking for a reliable plant based protein food, Tempeh has you covered. We also have some Tempeh recipes to get you started with the goodness of Tempeh. Learn about some tempeh munching recipes.

      Happy munching!

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