5 Easy Ways To Extend The Shelf Life Of Tempeh

5 Easy Ways To Extend The Shelf Life Of Tempeh

They say, ‘Nothing lasts forever!’ What better way to be reminded of this than our New Year resolutions or the constant flux around us in this time and age. We are midway 2022 and it is no secret how difficult it can get not to be able to stick to plans or make routines work. 

The tough path requires following a strict regimen and adhering to it. However, the easier way to achieve the perfect diet goals might be by buying Tempeh on your next supermarket or general store visit. In case you haven’t heard about this new vegetarian protein, we have got blogs that give you the lowdown on this new ingredient that’s been dubbed the world’s best kept protein secret !

Here’s all you need to know to get started on munching this protein powerhouse while also learning a tip or two to store it better:

What is Tempeh?


Made by fermenting whole soybeans over a period of 36 hours with the starter culture, Rhizopus, Tempeh is a block-like (similar to a block of paneer or tofu) protein-rich ingredient. It is ready to cook and is a fantastic vegetarian source of nutrition that can serve as a perfect alternative for dairy products. It is high in protein, rich in fibre, low carb and fortified with iron and Vitamin B12

After being a hidden treasure kept safe by the Indonesians for over 1,000 years or so, Tempeh today has become one of the favourite plant-based products among vegetarians and vegans. And not just because of its nutritional goodness but also because of its ability to absorb flavours and adjust itself into any dish you make it with. It is super versatile and can be used to make curries, snacks, stir-fries, salads, rolls and much more.

Don’t believe us? Try some of the tempeh recipes we have tested for ourselves at Hello Tempayy and decide for yourself how well the Tempeh-ting combos work for you. 

We are sure you will be mesmerized by the taste it brings to the table along with its nutrient-rich qualities. Which pushes to an important question, ‘How to store Tempeh?’ 

How To Store Tempeh?

So you bought your Tempeh! As you get ready to experiment and include it in your daily diet, you think, ‘How long does tempeh last? How to keep tempeh fresh?’ Usually, when you buy Tempeh from Hello Tempayy, the Tempeh has a life of 60 days when stored in the refrigerator ( thanks to vacuum packing) and it is recommended to consume it within two days of opening the pack.

While storing Tempeh is not rocket science and is pretty straightforward, there are certain best practices. So to get you started let us introduce you to five of the best ways to store tempeh:

Buying quality tempeh with good shelf-life


We understand your urge to get your hands on the goodness of Tempeh as quickly as possible. However, before buying Tempeh, you should be a bit cautious and look at the manufacturing date along with the Best Before section. This helps you easily plan on by when should you be consuming your protein food.

Make sure to keep your Tempeh refrigerated. At Hello Tempayy, you can consume the Tempeh within 60 days of manufacturing when stored in the chiller. But once you have opened the packaging, we recommend consuming it within 48 hours.

Keep it refrigerated

Tempeh has to be stored refrigerated ( just like Paneer) and will spoil if left outside for more than a couple of hours. By keeping your Tempeh cool, you can prolong It’s shelf life. In case you are wondering, “Can you freeze tempeh?” or “How to cook frozen tempeh?”, worry not. 

Freezing it to extend the shelf life

Tempeh can be frozen without affecting it’s taste or texture and it is absolutely safe to consume. In case you are heading out of town or want to extend Tempeh’s shelf life for other reasons, you can store it in the freezer as this prolongs it’s shelf life from 60 days to 3 months. As for cooking frozen Tempeh, all you may have to do is thaw it completely before cooking and consuming it. The Tempeh can be thawed by leaving it outside for an hour. An easy way to check if the Tempeh is thawed is to feel it- frozen tempeh is rock hard while thawed tempeh is softer. Keeping Tempeh in cooler Tempeh-rature is the best way to store Tempeh and extend its use.

Store in dry and airtight dabbas/containers

Keeping your Tempeh in an airtight container and then storing it in a refrigerator is a sure way of extending its shelf life. One of Tempeh’s qualities is that Tempeh blocks continue to ferment. And that is good because this breaks down soybeans further and makes it easier for your stomach to digest and absorb the nutrients.

However, too much of anything can ruin something as great as Tempeh. And so, we suggest that you store Tempeh properly to slow down the fermentation process and savour its delight for longer.

Plan to cook it

We are not here to add to your set of responsibilities. All we are asking of you is to keep in mind how long does fresh Tempeh last. Planning roughly in advance will help you decide how long will you have to refrigerate it or freeze it before consumption

At Hello Tempayy, we offer Tempeh that can last for up to 60 days after manufacturing when kept unopened. So we believe you may have adequate time to plan your Tempeh-ting meal!

Understand when your Tempeh is going bad

Fermentation in Tempeh can make it difficult for you to identify the signs of spoilage. But at a second glance, you may be able to differentiate between good Tempeh and the one you need to discard. 

Firstly, look for any big changes in the texture of the Tempeh. The mycelium in Tempeh holds together the entire block, giving it a firm texture. However, if while pressing your Tempeh, it feels mushy or while picking the Tempeh, it feels crumbly, it may be an indication of your Tempeh going bad.

Furthermore, Tempeh might have black or grey spots, which are a natural by-product of their fermentation called sporing. These spots do not indicate spoilage. 

However, if you see bright-coloured spots appearing on your tempeh like green spots or mold, bad news for you; your Tempeh has to be discarded. Yellowed tempeh is also edible as long as you cut it down and can’t spot any signs of spoilage inside the block. Meanwhile, strong smells are also an indication of spoilage in Tempeh.

We hope we have answered adequately to clear all your doubts regarding how to keep Tempeh fresh. In case you are wondering where can you find fresh Tempeh that comes with reliable packaging, try Hello Tempayy

We offer Quality Tempeh , loaded with protein & fibre and fortified with Vitamin B12. And that’s not all! We offer this nutrient-rich food in exciting, lip-smacking flavours. Try the goodness of Tempeh today!


  • 200 g

    Tawa Masala Tempayy Cubes

  • 2 Nos

    Sliced Onions

  • 1/4 each

    Sliced bell peppers

  • 1 Tsp

    Jeera powder

  • 1 Nos

    Cubed onion

  • 1 Tsp

    Chat Masala

  • 1/2 Tsp

    Salt To Taste

  • 2 Tsp


  • 2 Tsp

    Fresh Corriander

  • 2 Tsp

    Kasuri methi

  • Chapathi/ Indian bread of choice

  • 2 Tbsp

    Mint Chutney


  1. Sautee Tawa Masala Tempayy cubes for 4-5 mins and keep aside.

  2. Heat some oil in a pan and sautee sliced onions till transclucent.

  3. Add the peppers and the sauteed Tempayy cubes and give it a good toss.

  4. Add jeera powder, chat masala, fresh coriander and salt. Stir well for couple of minutes. Keep aside.

Kathi Roll

  1. Layer the roti with mint chutney, sauteed Tempayy cubes filling.

  2. Roll the roti, cut into two and serve with mint chutney.


Tempeh is one of the best natural vegetarian sources of protein with a high protein and fibre content thanks to the natural fermentation process. For even the most inexperienced cook, the preparation of Tempeh is simple: simply unbox and use as cubes or mince the Tempeh, season/ marinate it liberally with your choice of spices, and sautee the Tempeh with a bit of oil for five to seven minutes. ...

Tempeh is plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free, with 19 grams of protein per 100 grams and only 1.6 grams of net carbs.

It has a mild nutty flavour and a slightly spongy, solid texture. Because the tempeh cubes absorb flavours well , we recommend seasoning even the flavoured cubes if you want the flavour to pop.

Thanks to the porous nature of tempeh, it absorbs the flavours of whatever it's mixed with and helps make a tempeh biryani that is quick to cook yet packs a savoury punch.

If you want the original taste of biryani but want to make it at home, we are here with a quick vegetarian biryani recipe for you to savour at lunch or at dinner!

Get yourself ready for a quick tempeh lunch today and smash your nutrition goals!