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      Home / The Hello Tempayy Blog / Superfoods to Keep Your Hair and Skin Nourished

      Superfoods to Keep Your Hair and Skin Nourished

      Superfoods to Keep Your Hair and Skin Nourished

      Workplace stress, pollution, and improper diet are the root causes of your lackluster skin and brittle hair. While some of you might be unaware of this, your skin, hair, and nails are the best indicators of your diet and health. They are often the first to show signs of improvement after making your diet healthy. If you constantly wonder about what is good for hair growth and thickness and what to eat for glowing skin, these plant-based ingredients can help you.

      3 Nutritious Foods for for Hair Growth and Thickness

      Collagen and Keratin are components essential for hair and skin health. These compounds are present in some of the food ingredients available easily. Furthermore, these plant-based superfoods also contain a few other vital nutrients that promote skin and hair health. So let’s jump to our list of foods for healthy hair and skin.

      Chia Seeds


      Scientific studies indicate that chia seed oil can be highly beneficial to your hair and skin. Chia seeds contain high amounts of essential body nutrients and antioxidants. These nutrients make chia seeds an excellent natural remedy for numerous health issues.

      Due to their high protein content and the presence of Keratin - a protein beneficial for hair, chia seed oil provides a shiny, protective covering to your hair. They are also rich in copper and phosphorus, known for making hair strands thick and strong. Additionally, chia seeds contain essential amino acids which help reduce inflammation to promote hair growth.

      The presence of copper and iron helps to fight hair loss and prevent thin hair. Copper ions play an essential role in producing melanin - a pigment that provides colour to the hair and skin. Therefore, an increase in chia seed consumption leads to a rise in melanin formation that helps delay the greying of hair.

      Higher levels of antioxidants in chia seeds help your skin fight the damage caused by UV exposure. It also helps delay the signs of ageing. Most skin issues are caused due to inflammation. Therefore the cooling properties of chia seeds can help reduce inflammation and keep your skin healthy.

      Chia seeds are one of the top foods to prevent hair loss and are a good source of nutrients like vitamin A, C, iron, and potassium. Regular consumption of chia seeds boosts skin luminosity and elasticity, making the skin glow inside out. Therefore, chia seeds is one of the best food for skin and hair.



      Many ailments are caused due to chronic inflammation. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, tempeh is proven to reduce inflammation and aid skin and hair health. Additionally, its probiotic and prebiotic nature helps improve your gut health, having a positive impact on hair and skin health.

      The iron content of tempeh helps prevent anaemia , the deficiency of adequate amounts of RBCs essential for carrying oxygen to body tissues. Anemia is the root cause of many chronic disorders, including hair loss and skin pigmentation. Tempeh also has pantothenic acid, which keeps skin healthy and moisturised.

      Furthermore, tempeh contains small amounts of copper, zinc, and phosphorus, which are minerals that ensure healthy and glowing skin and shiny hair. Its copper contents promote melanin production, which helps reduce the appearance of grey hair. Therefore, tempeh is the best food for hair growth in India. A plant-based superfood that can be included in your diet for glowing skin and hair.

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      Quinoa is a pseudocereal - plant that produces fruit or seeds consumed as grains. It is considered a superfood of the modern diet. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce and soothe your inflammation, a leading cause of chronic ailments. Quinoa is one the protein rich food for hair growth and nourished skin.

      Since quinoa contains reasonable amounts of vitamin B, it helps in brightening and enhancing your skin texture and vibrance. It also contains riboflavin which provides softness and elasticity to your skin. Additionally, quinoa also assists in building connective tissue for the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines.

      It also contains the highest amounts of protein among all other grain seeds. This high protein presence helps in the protection and nourishment of hair follicles. Moreover, specific proteins in quinoa act as a natural coating protecting and nourishing the hair follicles, improving hair health.

      Quinoa has the presence of decent amounts of Tyrosine - an essential amino acid responsible for hair and skin pigmentation. Quinoa helps in hair re-pigmentation and maintaining the original colour of hair. These hair and skin benefits, with additional health benefits, make its varieties some of the best superfoods for skin and hair.

      Including these plant-based ingredients discussed above in your lifestyle can help improve hair and skin health and help you get the skin and hair you always desired. Additionally, the versatility of these foods makes them easy to incorporate into your diet.

      While you take a step to look plump with nourished skin we at Hello Tempayy would be glad to help you. You can order from our range of natural or pre-marinated tempeh cubes, and enjoy lip-smacking and healthy delicacies at the comfort of your home.