5 Ways vegetarians can receive their daily dose of Vitamin B12

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5 ways vegetarians can receive their daily dose of Vitamin B12 

What if someone told you constantly require a certain nutrient for the formation of red blood cells, your DNA, and also to strengthen the brain and nervous system, but your body doesn’t produce it? As hard as that may be for you to believe, Vitamin B12 is one of the most important nutrients for the human body and all of it has to be outsourced either from natural sources of B12, foods rich in B12 or through B-12 supplementation. 

B-12 is usually found in dairy-based or animal-based foods. If you are vegan, you will have to rely on B-12 supplements to ensure your daily dose. So chances of falling short on your B-12 intake and a B-12 deficiency is higher when your dietary preferences consist of plant-based foods. However, there are ample vegetarian sources of B12 that can fulfil your daily requirements.

Before we go any further and shed light on the vegetarian Vitamin B12 sources and Vitamin B12 fortified foods, let us first introduce you to this unique and essential nutrient:

What is Vitamin B12?


B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that helps the body absorb it easily. Unlike fat-soluble vitamins, it doesn’t get stored in fat tissue. Instead, the liver takes up the responsibility of maintaining storage of B12.

Along with keeping the brain and nervous system functioning efficiently, it also helps release the energy from foods we consume. They are crucial to the body’s energy production unit

An adult requires approximately 2.4 micrograms (Recommended Dietary Allowance/RDA) of B12 every day and vegetarians are at a higher risk of not receiving the recommended amount of Vitamin B12. This makes it essential that you take a second look at your daily diet and ensure you are receiving adequate amounts of B12 from Vitamin B12 rich foods.

Here is a list of vitamin b12 rich foods for vegetarians to keep an eye on for your daily dose of Vitamin B12:

Tempeh: The perfect food to munch on anytime


Tempeh is another great option for vegans and vegetarians, to not only replenish their Vitamin B12 requirements but also their daily dose of protein. Made out of fermented soybeans, Tempeh is rich in several nutrients including Vitamin B12 and fibre.

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At HelloTempayy, we have  B12 fortified food - Tempeh. So, while you munch down your favourite Tempayy recipes, you will be providing your body with 49% of the Vitamin B12 RDA (100g). Even when you buy Tempeh from other brands, you are sure to receive 0.1 mcg (3% of RDA) of Vitamin B12.

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Dairy products: An ideal way to start the day


There is a whole lot of nutrients in dairy products and one of the reasons to consume dairy products is the amount of Vitamin B12 they consist of. A cup of low-fat milk has about 1.2 micrograms (mcg) of B12 (50% of your RDA), making it one of the, if not the best source of B12. 

226g of low-fat yoghurt comprises 1.1 mcg of B12 (46% of your RDA) whereas Swiss Cheese boasts 0.9 mcg in a 28g offering (38% of your RDA). 

And so, you might want to take this as a reminder to drink your glass of milk and get your daily dose of the Vitamin.

Fortified cereals: A serial Vitamin B12 provider


Fortified cereals are also a great source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians and vegans. Fortified cereals refer to cereals that have added vitamins and minerals that aren't naturally present. Bran and whole wheat oats are some of the fortified cereals that are high in vitamin B12 and are also rich in iron and folate. Fortified cereals consist of 0.6 mcg of B12 (25% of RDA). 

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So whether you decide to have it for breakfast or during the evening, you have a nutritional snack as one of the vegetarian sources of B12.

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Nutritional Yeast: A blend of nutrition and flavour in one


Adding to the list of fortified vitamin B rich foods for vegetarian, nutritional yeast is also filled with various other nutrients. It is rich in minerals and amino acids and can also be used to add a nutty flavour to your dishes.

Nutritional yeast fortified with the vitamin has 8.3 to 24 mcg (346-1000% of RDA) of Vitamin B12. And while the values differ as per different brands, there is no denying that nutritional yeast is bound to yield all the Vitamin B12 benefits upon consumption.

Nori: Vitamin straight outta the ocean 


While your appetite may or may not agree with eating seaweed, some of the countries actually consume and find their share of nutrition from this food. Nori is dried edible seaweed that consists of Vitamin B12. Also known as purple laver, people from Japan eat the seaweed in their diet.

A study actually revealed that 4g of Nori alone holds 2.4 mcg (100% of the RDA) of Vitamin B12. It can be consumed either in sushi or simply as a snack.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

If after reading this, you are not hastily searching for ‘vegetarian food rich in vitamin B12’, we ask you to consider taking a look at the Vitamin B12 benefits. Here’s how B12 plays a crucial role in keeping your body healthy:

With so many benefits aligning, this is your wake-up call to take a notepad or open a word doc and start listing down foods that make up for your Vitamin B12 sources. In case, you find your diet is unable to make up the RDA, fret not!

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The versatile bean protein, Tempeh, can take care of all your nutritional needs right from protein to fibre to Vitamin B12. If it is Tempeh from Hello Tempayy, the only problem you will have is a problem of plenty with deciding what recipe to include it in because the possibilities are endless. And its nutritional values are only surpassed by the flavour-absorbing qualities that allow it to become a prime candidate for a tasty addition to every dish you make. 

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So whether you are looking to experiment with your own recipe of Tempayy or just want ready-to-go flavour-enriched Tempeh, we have it all in our store!

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  • 200 g

    Tawa Masala Tempayy Cubes

  • 2 Nos

    Sliced Onions

  • 1/4 each

    Sliced bell peppers

  • 1 Tsp

    Jeera powder

  • 1 Nos

    Cubed onion

  • 1 Tsp

    Chat Masala

  • 1/2 Tsp

    Salt To Taste

  • 2 Tsp


  • 2 Tsp

    Fresh Corriander

  • 2 Tsp

    Kasuri methi

  • Chapathi/ Indian bread of choice

  • 2 Tbsp

    Mint Chutney


  1. Sautee Tawa Masala Tempayy cubes for 4-5 mins and keep aside.

  2. Heat some oil in a pan and sautee sliced onions till transclucent.

  3. Add the peppers and the sauteed Tempayy cubes and give it a good toss.

  4. Add jeera powder, chat masala, fresh coriander and salt. Stir well for couple of minutes. Keep aside.

Kathi Roll

  1. Layer the roti with mint chutney, sauteed Tempayy cubes filling.

  2. Roll the roti, cut into two and serve with mint chutney.


Tempeh is one of the best natural vegetarian sources of protein with a high protein and fibre content thanks to the natural fermentation process. For even the most inexperienced cook, the preparation of Tempeh is simple: simply unbox and use as cubes or mince the Tempeh, season/ marinate it liberally with your choice of spices, and sautee the Tempeh with a bit of oil for five to seven minutes. ...

Tempeh is plant-based, dairy-free, and gluten-free, with 19 grams of protein per 100 grams and only 1.6 grams of net carbs.

It has a mild nutty flavour and a slightly spongy, solid texture. Because the tempeh cubes absorb flavours well , we recommend seasoning even the flavoured cubes if you want the flavour to pop.

Thanks to the porous nature of tempeh, it absorbs the flavours of whatever it's mixed with and helps make a tempeh biryani that is quick to cook yet packs a savoury punch.

If you want the original taste of biryani but want to make it at home, we are here with a quick vegetarian biryani recipe for you to savour at lunch or at dinner!

Get yourself ready for a quick tempeh lunch today and smash your nutrition goals!