Let’s be honest, we think about food, a lot. You made it this far into our website so you are right there with us.

At Vegolution, we find great joy in the hunt for food that is good for you – food that doesn’t just taste delicious, but makes you feel good. We spend a great deal of our time understanding and observing how and what people eat. The rest of our time is spent working with food scientists, smart and intuitive chefs, and earnest farmers to bring affordable food that fits right in the modern Indian kitchen.

The internet is overrun with multiple health and nutrition trends. We are replete with options, thus making the right choice has become a task – a complex and confusing one. Eating good has to be a simple and pleasurable experience and we are trying to do our part.

We are thrilled that you are here discovering Hello Tempayy with us. To ensure that your tastebuds receive a pleasurable hit try our Natural Tempayy Cubes and one or two of our Marinated Tempayy Cubes. We have a curated recipe section to get you started.

We have ensured quality and safety and every stage of development and production. We partner only with suppliers who can meet our stringent requirements for transparency and documentation.

We are proudly Made in India.

Signature of Tempayy CEO