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Spiced Tawa Masala Tempayy Cubes (Rs.150/200g)

Rs. 150.00
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Spiced Tawa Masala Tempayy Cubes (Rs.150/200g)

Rs. 150.00
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If you’re craving some desi plant protein, you can’t miss our Tawa Masala Tempayy (Tempeh). Made by fermenting whole Non-GMO soya beans with no preservatives or additives, this versatile ingredient delivers all the goodness of the soybean and more.  

  • Packed with Protein (36g per pack)
  • Good for your gut
  • Rich in iron and vitamin B-12
  • Rich in fiber and low carb
  • Easy to cook, soaks flavour and super versatile- Perfect for curries, stir-fries, kebabs, rolls, salads and more.
  • Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, preservative free and clean label
  • Available in four flavours- Natural, Tawa Masala, Simply Sriracha and Szechuan Chilli

Tempayy (Tempeh) vs Tofu

  • Tofu is more processed as it is made from curdled soy milk while Tempayy is made from whole soybeans that are fermented using age-old culinary methods
  • Tempayy has a richer nutrient profile than Tofu and contains more protein, fiber and vitamins
  • Tofu has very little taste of its own and has a soft texture. Tempayy being porous, soaks in flavour and its firm texture lends itself to a variety of cuisines
  • Tempayy is naturally fermented making it easier to digest and good for gut health

Tempayy (Tempeh) vs Paneer

  • Tempayy is completely plant-based, dairy & gluten-free
  • Tempayy contains more protein and fiber than Paneer
  • Tempayy offers gut-friendly protein while paneer (being dairy-based) can be hard to digest for some
  • Hello Tempayy is fortified with iron and vitamin B-12
  • Tempayy, unlike paneer, is cholesterol free and low in saturated fats
  • Paneer does not soak in flavours and spices. Tempayy is porous and absorbs any flavour you throw at it making it super versatile

Tempayy (Tempeh) vs Soya Chunks/ Mock Meat:

  • Soya chunks/ mock meats are an ultra-processed form of soy. Tempayy is a whole food without any extraction, refining or artificial chemical modification
  • Tempayy offers the ideal combination of high-protein, low carb, low fat and high fiber while being clean-label
  • Hello Tempayy products are rich in B-vitamins, minerals and offer healthy fats
  • Soya chunks, while high in protein, are also high in carbs

Delicious, nutritious and versatile, Tempayy can be a great addition to your daily diets.


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Nice taste,

Till now I have only tried tawa masala, it was good. Have to try the other 2 flavours I brought

Pillalamarri Anil
Great taste great nutrition for standing for great cause

It's been 3 years I converted to vegetarian for cause against animal slaughter..
I was eagerly waiting for vegan meat. This is the 1st time I had vegan meat.

It looked and tasted like meat. I had a pack curry and pack chicken 65 recipe. It tasted fantastic.

Love it

As a vegan, I love this. It gives me good gut-friendly protein with vit b12 and iron, and it's so tasty.


Healthy protein and a burst of flavour - love it

Lettuce wraps were delicious

Made lettuce wraps with these cubes. So easy and delicious.